Apr 23, 2010

Beard Papa's Cream Puffs

Last time, I made a post about Happy Cream Puff's marvelous eclairs and cream puffs. Their utter simplicity paired with great taste and balance of sweet and creamy made them a favorite in my diet. But I happened to pass by Beard Papa's in Robinsons Ermita, where their very tempting and eye-catching display of cream puffs and silvannas caught my hungry attention.

Their cream puffs were as big as Happy Cream Puff's, not to mention with a lot more toppings than the latter's. I wanted to try all of them but my food conscience told me to start with the basics. If their original cream puff is great, then everything else is. Although I can;'t resist the silvannas anymore, and I bought one as well.

Please do forgive the fuzzy phone pics, as I forgot to bring the camera with me on this somewhat special trip. The silvannas were okay, as compared to Red Ribbon's and Brownies Unlimited's. Somehow it was lackluster. I expected more from their confectioners sugar-coated-cream puffs. Sad to say, the pastry itself was bland, as compared to Happy Cream Puff's crisp caramal coated pastries. The powdered sugar never came through, there just wasn't a little sweetness in there that would make your sweet tooth aching for more. It wasn't satisfying at all. The cream wasn't custard-y, and it was a little soggy on the inside. With that in mind, I don't think I will be sinking my teeth into any of their chocolate covered cream puffs, although they look a whole lot more promising than their original counterparts.
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