Apr 5, 2010

Chocolate Ice Candy Treats

When I was still a child, me and my playmates would always buy ourselves some ice candy from the stores around the street. These ice candies, also known as ice pops, come in different flavors and are very popular all summer. What distinguishes Philippine ice candy from foreign made ice pops is that they are put in long and slender plastic bags made specifically for them, and they are eaten in them too. All you have to do is tear the plastic ends off and you get to the sweet treat!

I've made some ice candy for my younger brothers to cool on in this summer heat. They are chocolate flavored, made from Tim Horton's Hot Chocolate, evaporated milk, and some sugar. See the bubbles in the pic? I haven't really mastered the art of tying those plastic bags real tight so air ends up in them when I tie them off. Yum!

Ice Cream Candy on Foodista

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