Apr 22, 2010

Eating out at Superbowl of China

Lunch for two, you ask? If you're really hungry and in the mood for tasty food, then skip out the fastfood joints and make your way to Superbowl of China in Mall of Asia, near Marithe Francoise Girbaud at the ground floor.

The servings are huge, which they claim to be good for 2 to 3 persons each dish, but for very thin gluttons like us, three full dishes coupled with bottomless iced tea would be just fine. The dishes which we ordered were Crispy Fish Fillet in Light Soy Sauce, Crispy Fried Shrimps with sweet and sour dipping sauce, and a huge heaping bowl of Yangchow Fried Rice infused with generous slices of sweet chorizo, shrimp, mushrooms, vegetables, and roast chicken. The last pic shows the leftovers, which were the garnishes and dips.

I can say that the food was superb and very tasty, not to mention very filling, but if you're watching out for sodium I would not recommend buying the crispy shrimp. They were a little too salty for my taste. The iced tea is good, but not remarkable. The service is great.
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