Apr 18, 2010

Philippine Guava Jelly: Very Scrumptious!

If you have grown tired of your other fruit jellies, then try the Philippine guava jelly. Even I ate it, and I am a sworn guava hater. I never liked them, but I absolutely love this! It's what's in your American PB&J's, only a more Asian and native one. You can buy Mountain Fresh Guava Jelly at roadside stores where I bought one of my special spices, the dried kamias. That's where we bought them on the way home from Gonzaga, Cagayan, where we held our family reunion. I'm not aware of any other stores that sell these, but I'll be on the lookout!

It's not too shabby, as it is jam packed with all the nutrients in your ripe guava fruit that Filipinos love to eat with salt as the pass by vendors near bus stations.
Guava Jelly on Foodista

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