May 29, 2010

Aji Ichiban: a Favorite Oriental Snack Shop

Whenever I pass by a store of Aji Ichiban, I try to walk fast and away from the store because I always end up bankrupt. Don't get me wrong, their prices are very reasonable indeed for such yummy treats, but I love so many of them that there was a time when I spent about Php 700 at one go. But no fast-paced walking this time, as I have only less than 400 bucks at my wallet on my way home, and my boyfriend has been training me in not being an impulsive buyer, so he won't be paying for my bills this time.

Hooray for me, I only bought just one for myself, and another for my tamarind-loving boyfriend as proof that I can actually control my inner shopaholic. See those colorful chocolate-coated baby sunflower seeds? They are my ultimate favorite snacks from that store, along with those very thin strips of dried smoked squid and the wasabi-coated beans that are oh-so-yummy! Oh, did I forget to mention the Super Lemon Candy? I love giving them away to the weak of heart and see them scrunch up and twist their faces with the super sourness of the sweet-looking yellow candy. Hunny bought spiced seedless tamarind candies for himself, which I am not a fan of. They taste so sour and tangy and spicy, all of which do not make friends with my taste buds when combined.

They have several branches here in Metro Manila, but I doubt if any has made it to the rural areas. Nevertheless, it is one heck of a great Asian snack shop. You can visit it in SM Megamall, Mall of Asia, and Robinsons Ermita.

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