May 5, 2010

Burgoo in Gateway Mall

We ate at Burgoo in Gateway Mall, where we bought Gourdo's lemon pepper seasoning for the Lemon Pepper Chicken, near Araneta Coliseum. It's for a good change. All those eating at fast food joints has added greatly to our waistlines and love handles. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pics until only two dishes were left, along with the unused utensils.

We ordered Buffalo Chicken Wings in what seem to be boneless strips of chicken wings, served with blue cheese dressing and crunchy celery sticks. They were good, actually, but I missed the part where you get to suck the succulent, juicy meat away from the bones. Nothing special with that dish, anyway.

The Shrimps and Chips were also just ordinary. I could have ordered Fish and Chips at Chocolate Kiss in UP Diliman and would have enjoyed it more immensely rather than this dish. Well at least it's a lot less saltier than Superbowl of China's Crispy Shrimps.

We also ordered two pasta dishes, the Prawn Piccata and the Tomato Basil Spaghetti. While the Tomato Basil dish was great, with the flavors of each ingredient mixed together in a peaceful and complementing way, the Prawn Piccata was such a bore. It was bland, almost tasteless. In fact, it's a matter of acquired taste. You will only get to appreciate it if you keep on eating the tasteless oil-based noodles.

For dessert, we ordered their recommended Mississippi Mud Pie. It would have been marvelous, as it was almost similar to other mud pies I have eaten, but the huge shreds of ice in there ruined the consistency. I know it's mostly ice, but hey, a little finer please?
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