May 2, 2010

I♥Alfajores : Not your ordinary dessert!

For some of you who don't know what the heck is an Alfajor, these are very great tasting cookie sandwiches with creamy dulce de leche filling, covered in fairy powder! The only place I know that sells Alfajores is Baguio, until there sprouted in Metro Manila a new taste of these goodies, deliciously named I♥Alfajor.

They are very delectable and enjoyable to eat! I loved munching on these home baked beauties, and unlike those sold in Baguio, these come in different shapes and colors for you to enjoy. Be romantic with the heart shaped pink ones, or be childish with the baby blue ones. There are also originals, colored light beige. Unfortunately, the chef doesn't have a physical store yet. Now how the hell did I get such great photos of her Alfajores? I happen to be the chef's sister. :)

If you want to order, you may reach the chef here:


Alfajores on Foodista

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  1. How much are they? packaging, yield & portioning? How about shipment?