May 24, 2010

La Resurrecion Hot Cocoa ala Swiss Miss

I may have been very excited when I found those colorfully wrapped premium cocoa tableas in Ongpin Street in Manila's very own Chinatown. La Resurrecion has been around for decades, supplying Manila with high quality pure cocoa tableas for so long already. Now you may think that the Batangas Pure Cacao Tableas are the best, but for me, nothing beats the bittersweet natural taste of La Resurrecion's. In fact, they're so pure chocolate that they began to melt when I forgot to put it in the fridge when I got home. And unlike other tableas, these unsweetened cocoa tablets are quite nice to eat. Not too strong like the Batangas kind, but just right in its bitter and the most subtle kind of sweet.

Last night, I decided to make hot chocolate due to the persuasion of my older sister who is only home during the weekends. I remember how we used to sip our Swiss Miss hot drinks during those violent rainstorms when we were just in elementary school. The school classes were suspended due to heavy rains and murky flooded streets, and we get to drink our hot chocolate in bed, after we take a nice, warm bath. Ah, the sweet mini marshmallows melting in the drink, nothing like good old Swiss Miss. Those days are a long way ago. We are grown ups now, and no one would make us some nice hot drink during the rain.

Don't get me wrong. It is quite a hot summer for this year, unlike the past years when the summer is a tad less hotter. But last night was cooler, and my sister got her hot choco alright. Here's how I made those nice drinks:

Simmer 2 cups evaporated milk and 4 tableas of La Resureccion Pure Cocoa until the chocolate is completely melted. You may add another tablea if you want a deeper chocolate taste. Mix 1 tablespoon of sugar and stir the liquid until smooth. Pour into teacups or mugs, then top with mini-marshmallows. I used regular marshmallows and they were great as well.


  1. How come La Resurrecion's pure cacao tableas becomes soft when they are not placed in the refrigerator?

    When I was a child I remember helping our granda make our very own cacao balls. The process involved drying the cacao seeds under the sun, roasting them, peeling the shells, then finally grinding them. I think I got my muscles from grinding those cacao seeds (we used a manual grinder back then)! We had to grind them several times until they were fine and into a very sticky consistensy. My grandma used to tell me that the higher the grade of the cacao seeds, the more oil it gives out while grinding. After grinding, we shaped them into balls and left to air dry. These were placed into airtight containers until ready for use. Funny, but they never melt until they are cooked. In fact they were hard as stones unless cooked.


  2. Maybe it's because of global warming. It was a very hot day when I bought this, and I was also surprised when I saw that it has become very soft and released a lot of oil onto its wrapper.

  3. The reason La resurrecions's supposedly unsweetened cocao tablea has some taste of sweetness to it is because of the sugar added .You can see the sugar crsytals in the tablea if you look close enough. It may be mislabelled, but I would nibble a tablea or two for a quick energy boost.

  4. @ chocoholic

    The tableas I used in this post were the pure unsweetened tableas. La Resurrecion has a different colored packaging for the sweetened version. :)