Jun 21, 2010

Chili Garlic Sauce

This dipping sauce has been a favorite in the household due to many reasons. First, when sauteed lightly, it can be served as a great spicy dipping sauce for fish and meat. It can also perk up your stir fry dishes and add the Asian twist to them without even making your stir fry spicy. It is a great addition to your barbecue marinade, and it is perfect for making buffalo wings like I do.

A small bottle of 220 grams costs Php 95 in most supermarkets, and can be found at the imported section. You can also find cheaper local alternatives in your local supermarket, but they are the well-cooked type which garners a brown color rather than the red you see. The taste is quite similar, and you can try out many versions and find the one suitable for your taste. I personally recommend trying the chili garlic sauce with ginger from the local varieties.

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