Jun 11, 2010

Lunch at Don Henrico's Ermita

It was a hot day, and as we took the cab going to our school for enlistment, it struck me that I forgot to bring our clearance forms, which is obviously needed to be able to enroll for the incoming semester. After a lot of apologies to my already hot-headed boyfriend, we asked the cab driver to take us to Midtown at Robinsons Ermita instead. Such is my luck that Alex's stomach was already rumbling with hunger, and we decided to eat at the Don Henrico's Restaurant just outside the entrance to Midtown.

What I like about this place is that there are not too many people in the place, and you can really get your needed service on time. For our appetizer, we ordered Dips and Nachos, deliciously described as "warm cornmeal nachos, served with creamy cheese sauce and taco sauce", and reasonably priced at Php 180. You might say that it's a bit expensive, but the serving is huge. Literally. And the dips were so delicious, we asked for more dips when we devoured the first batch. But hey, there were so much nachos in their big plate, you know. It may not seem a lot in the photo above, but trust me, in person it was a really huge serving.

We also ordered a pasta meal for two called Seafood Pesto Linguine in Cream Sauce, described as "a grand mixture of shrimp, squid rings, crabsticks simmered with pesto sauce, melted butter and minced garlic. Tossed with aldente linguine noodles garnished with yellow lemon wedges," but I can count with the five fingers of one hand the amount of seafood in that plate. It was served with a buttered piece of bread, and this is only Php 280. The taste actually made up for the small amount of seafood. The pesto was full of flavor.

For our main meal, we ordered their Caesar Platter for Php 170, which you can see at the photo at the top of this post. It has a very juicy and delicious buffalo chicken thigh, a small side of Caesar salad, and a small serving of red meat spaghetti. I loved their buffalo chicken, it is way better than Pizza Hut's Spicy Chicken. But the dip was just disappointing. I was hoping for the traditional blue cheese or ranch dressing, but garlic mayo was served instead. Overall, I loved having a full tummy at lunch time. Gives me a lot of energy to window shop at the mall.

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  1. Do they still serve lunch buffet?? I love Don Henrico's. love their quattro formaggi and their summer salad in strawberry vinaigrette. Great post!