Jun 29, 2010

Nori Seaweed Chocolate

My sister who only comes home during the weekends brought a special kind of pasalubong this time. Usually she brings home the famous Bulacan chicharon, or pork cracklings, crunchy pork rind still clinging to some meat and a thin layer of fried fat. Deliciously unhealthy, but still a favorite anyway. This time it is a sweet tangy chocolate with a seaweed center. Who knew chocolate can blend so perfectly with the nori sheets I use to make my sushi rolls? Well, for others this may time some adjusting, most especially when you're not the adventurous foodie.

My brothers, specifically the youngest, hates loathes nori, and removes them before eating sushi. Which of course explains why he complained after finishing a small bar of this chocolate, which was bought by my sister's boss all the way from Korea. Why complain only after finishing? The chocolate masks the distinct flavor of the seaweed when eaten together, creating a mild minty tangy taste. But once the chocolate has gone down your throat, there's a slightly strong aftertaste of seaweed that's left in your mouth to linger for a few seconds.

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  1. that's unique! nice to be here my first time :)followed you, hope you can visit me too..