Jul 18, 2010

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Mochi

strawberry mochi

I have been away from blogging for a while since this semester's schedule has started becoming more and more demanding. With our Emergency and Disaster Nursing course taking away 13 hours for 6 days in the past two weeks, not including travel time, I barely have the time and energy for blogging. Who knew a simulation emergency situation would be so much fun, and so darn tiring as well?

Even in the weekends I can't get time to cook, not to mention blog about anything at all, because I had to prioritize our thesis, and study for the prelim examinations. And yes, I overslept and I didn't have the time to even peek at my notes for my first exam because we were already late. I'm just having full hopes that my stocked knowledge would be enough to help me get great grades. Haha!

So Alex and I were just thriving on fast food chains and restaurants for the past two weeks, munching on junk food and sweets that made our waists seem a lot flabbier. Right now I am currently devouring Piknik shoe string potato fries, trying to count them one by one to measure how much sodium I am taking in. Yes, I'm a geek, aren't I?Then maybe later I can devour the pack of bite sized Loacker wafers with hazelnut filling that Alex gave me, if I can even get out of bed. Feeding my brain with junk food made me feel and act like a real bum.

Anyway, I almost forgot that I was actually blogging about the Chocolate Mochi Balls I found at the Imported Section of SM Hypermarket. The packaging was so nice that I was skeptical about buying it when I saw that it's only Php 54 for a pack of four pieces. Good packaging and cheap prices usually mean that the content does not look as good as the picture. I guess I was wrong.

The Mochi balls were soft and the subtle taste blends nicely with the chewy marshmallow and strawberry filling. It was actually nice, and it looks like the picture on the box! That's a big plus for me. When I pass by SM Hypermarket, I'll buy the peanut flavored mochi next. Or maybe I would make some and post the recipe on this blog. :)


  1. saw this in the grocery but didn't get one.. we weren't sure if it's good eh. Haha.

  2. The chocolate-strawberry mochi had me drooling, but the peanut one? Oh boy - I need these in my life.