Jul 23, 2010

How to make ground chicken meat

ground chicken meat

While I can't provide you with photos of how I grind the chicken meat I use for my meatballs, lumpia, and chicken longganisa, I'm pretty sure my directions are very simple and anyone with a blender should have known this by now. It's hard to shoot with a camera all by yourself when your hands are not for camera handling. =)

  1. First, I take a kilo of chicken breast fillets, wash them, discard the skins and fats (they stuck up around the blades and make the whole process a lot slower.
  2. After washing, I dice them up into small cubes. Chicken thigh fillets can also be used if you prefer the softer texture. 
  3. Then I place them in the blender and break an egg directly on the meat if the recipe calls for it so I won't have to clean up another bowl that I would otherwise use for the raw egg. Chicken Lumpia Recipe
  4. I pulse them at short intervals of two to three seconds, mix them up with a spoon (the ground chicken meat at the bottom can be very sticky and won't mix with the remaining whole cubes above them).
  5. I repeat that until I get the consistency of the ground chicken meat that I want, preferably no whole cubes of chicken left.
  6. Use as needed for the recipe.

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