Jul 1, 2010

Korean Green Tea Latte

Green tea was believed to have antioxidants and therapeutic components, and it is widely used in traditional Japanese herbal medicine. There were quite a few fads of drinks containing green tea, but I bet that these healthy drinks don't have enough green tea in their products for the antioxidants to even reach sufficient amounts to bypass liver excretion.

I was never a fan of any tea made with dried herbs. My mom and sister would say unbelievable lies to force me into drinking the stuff. I'm not talking about the commercially prepared crushed tea in small bags that you just steep in hot water. I'm talking about brewing whole dried out parts of whatever plants they came from until the water is all nice and naturally sweet and herby. They specifically love Oolong tea, green tea, and some tea with white dried out flowers in it. And they sip with glee when they brew those things even in a terribly hot afternoon.

I'm guessing that my sister gave me a box of green tea latte from Korea just to make me drink some. And I tried one, and it is not half as bad as the regular tea. A few more sips and I was happily drinking the stuff while eating nutty chocolate cupcakes for a mid-afternoon snack.

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  1. Oh, I was about to ask how much and where to find it here. I'd love to try one :)