Jul 19, 2010

New Look, New Home

A little about the fab Filipina at WAHMaholic:

I am an ebook reader, a John Mayer lover, a romance/sex comedy flick addict, and an indecisive soul. I am a moron magnet so if you are inexplicably drawn to me, then there is a high probability that you are a moron.

My name is Kaye Mendez. Born and bred in the Philippines, I live together with my best friend and hubby Paulie and our piglet Svetlana in the beautiful city of Baguio. I am a freelance writer and Blogger/WordPress blog designer.

I have just started blogging last April, and so far my recipe blog, Summers In Love, has an average steady stream of 120+ unique visitors per day and 25 followers. It may seem very small for you but for a noob like me, those numbers seem pretty good. =)

A few days ago, last Sunday to be exact, I moved the recipes and food reviews to a new home and named it My Sassy Chef, to match the really nice template made only for me by none other than WAHMaholic's Kaye from my very own country, the Philippines.

I can't believe how lucky I am to actually win a makeover giveaway by WAHMaholic. My blog is reeking of random and ordinary, just until the new template was installed. So if you're looking for a really great template that you can call your very own, then the most affordable and fabulous makeover you can get is from WAHMaholic Designs. You can't go wrong with!

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