Aug 14, 2010

Gourmet Picks Appetizer

Oishi gourmet picks appetizer recipe

If you have unexpected guests, and you barely have the time to prepare something to eat, then entertain them with these dainty appetizers that make ordinary fridge staples into gourmet appetizers in no time. My sister's been eating a lot of Oishi Gourmet Picks lately, or junk food as I see it. She seems to be addicted to the sea salt flavor, and I proved it when she excitedly told me over breakfast that she's going to join a photo contest for the product. Minutes later and she was dressed up like she's going to the ball, deliberately blocking my way and pleading like crazy so I can take the photos and miss my first class on purpose.
Oishi gourmet picks appetizer recipe

With me having a not-so-valid excuse to skip the boring read-the-powerpoint-slide lecture, I took the bait and made the shots, all while trying not to eat the props we made. Needless to say, they disappeared almost immediately after the last shot was taken.

Gourmet Picks Appetizer Recipe


1 pack plain salted potato chips, preferably with ridges
cold cut sweet ham
ranch or thousand island dressing
baby mint leaves
hard boiled eggs 


1. Fry the ham and cut into squares.
2. Fry the meatballs and slice into three's.
3. Using an egg slicer, cut the eggs into thin discs.
4. Take a whole chip, and place an egg slice on top.
5. Then on top of the egg, place a slice of ham, a slice of meatball, and a dollop of dressing.
6. Top with baby mint leaves, or tear mint leaves into small pieces and place on top of the dressing.
7. Serve immediately.


  1. The picture looks so cute..Its really simple and easy to make for a rush preparation..Nice one!Great post.

  2. Oh my delish! Now I just need you to come fix it for me! LOL