Sep 9, 2010

Perfectly Crisp Homemade French Fries

When I was younger, I always asked for french fries at home. My parents would buy those huge bags of fries from Makro and PriceSmart back then, but they taste bland and way too flour-y for me. When I started cooking, I made a lot of homemade mojos ala Shakeys, and tried making french fries from freshly bought potatoes at home. 

But no matter how I cook them, they always turn soggy with oil, or too soft. If I leave them any longer they will be hard and too crisp. What I want would be the crisp outside with the insides like mashed potatoes. And today I have made this possible.

The secret would be to use extremely hot oil in deep-frying the potatoes. The kind that has just started smoking will give you great fries as long as you don't turn down the heat; otherwise your potatoes will soak up the oil.

Here's what you have to do:

  1. Heat oil in a deep fryer. The rule of thumb would be 2 cups of oil for every 1 cup of fries.
  2. While the oil is heating, scrub the potatoes then cut them into strips at about half an inch thick. I like them big.
  3. After the oil has started smoking, place all the cut potatoes in. The oil will definitely spatter and froth like crazy. Don't lower the heat or your fries will be soggy.
  4. Don't stir, just wait for all the froth to go away and for the fries to float and achieve a nice golden color, with the outer layer seeming to bubble underneath. (see pic)
  5. Remove from the oil using a slotted spoon and drain on paper towels.
  6. Serve with ketchup, sprinkle with salt and pepper, or go with your favorite flavorings. I serve mine with

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