Dec 25, 2010

Touching a Stranger's Life

Let's face it, you can let the year end without contemplating what has happened, why things happened that way, and what you have been most thankful for. Just minutes ago I was talking to my inner self about how far I have gone from the absolutely childish girl I knew years ago, before I stepped into college.

Months from graduating and I am here, thrilled that somehow, for this wonderful year that's nearing its glorious end, I have given someone an irreplaceable gift that I never thought I could have given. And this is not one of the people I hold dear in my heart, that person is a complete stranger until last night.

A few hours before Christmas Eve and I am scanning all the greetings and messages in my mail, when I saw a strange name, someone I didn't remember at all. Could I have forgotten an important acquaintance from my freelance job? Or possibly a newly introduced friend? No. I decided to open the message with the subject, "A big thanks for the gift, Sassy Chef."

It was really sweet.<3

"Hi, I really, really want to express my gratitude for your blog. My fiancee's mom hates me, and has sworn never to let me into their lives. But Caloy told me that his mom is the master of all food lovers in the whole world, a connoisseur even. I saw your blog once from the Sulit community and I immediately fell in love with the fact that you learned to cook from scratch for a reason.  I tried three of your dishes, all without fail to gradually impressing my soon to be mother-in-law. At least, that's what my fiancee said. But on her birthday last December 15, 2010, I followed up your Talakitok steaks in homemade sauce, together with your lumpiang sili with sweet dip, and she finally told me herself that I would make a great wife. I'm not sure how the older generation feels about food, but they sure can change a mother's mind! I bet the blend of sweet and strong spicy flavors changed her mind. I meant to send you a simple message but I ended up telling you the story. It may seem simple and cliche to you, but it meant the world to me to be appreciated and loved.

Thank you for your gift to me, you have your biggest fan right here.

Love, Carmela"
I never thought I can actually give a really meaningful gift to a stranger this Christmas. I mean, the toys and clothes Alex and I donated were nothing compared to the love shared from Carmela's story. And to you Carmela, a big thank you as well, for giving me this tingly feeling one feels, from listening to a truly heartwarming story. Much love to you and your family! I hope I can touch more lives someday, and my wishes are for everyone to share the gift of giving and love even as the holidays have passed.

I wanted to share this on New Year's Eve, but I thought it would be perfect for Batang Yagit's Christmas Giveaway, with which the prize money I'll be sharing for a good cause. I think this has got to be the most significant bloggable event for the ending year of 2010, having touched another's life with the love I dedicate to this blog. Special thanks to the wonderful sponsor, Jehzeel Laurente, and of course Batang Yagit, for deciding to share the love to their fellow Filipinos this holiday season.

Win or not, I am very thankful for the blessings I got and those that I will receive in time.


  1. Excellent recipe thanks for sharing. I really enjoy reading your blog

  2. How touching! hmmm..I think you can help me din...heheheh

  3. wow. that one's truly inspiring. :) Thanks for joining my contest. ^^ i hope your blogging can help more people.