Feb 28, 2011

Lechon Pizza From Pizza Hut

I was placing Alex on a diet. As much as I have been trying to cut down the fats and calories from the meals I cook for us, the amount of food I prepare must have been too much because his tummy just keeps on getting a lot bigger than ever. But he hasn't been very happy with the smaller servings, and I guess every once in a while I can give him a treat. But the treat he asked for really made up for the inches he lost from his waist.

We went to Pizza Hut to order Lechon Pizza even if I relented it. Lechon is an extremely fatty dish. So while waiting I was warning him already of the consequences of this treat, which means more workout for us. Anyway, the Lechon Pizza was not as bad as I had imagined. Although it was a little bit oily, it was quite delicious.

Crisp pork skin just like in a freshly cooked lechon topped the pizza. At first I thought that it was all they can serve, since all I can see underneath was mozzarella cheese and drizzled lechon sauce. But when I got to slice it with the fork, juicy lechon meat was hiding under the sheet of melted cheese. No sign of solid fats around, so it can't be that bad, right?

It was really nice. I can't really distinguish if it's oil or lechon sauce, because it is really, really saucy. Yummy as well! For Php 495, it's quite a treat.

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