Feb 16, 2011

Traditional Bibingka With A Twist

Bibingka is a local rice cake available in the provinces of the Philippines. They are traditionally placed on banana leaves and cooked in a terracotta pot over live coals. From what I saw as a child, while the bibingka is cooked, it is covered with another banana leaf topped with live coals so that the top is also slightly charred and the whole cake is infused with the lovely aroma of toasted banana leaves.

I was never a fan of those bibingka sold here in Manila. Somehow they lack the distinct taste of the ones cooked in the provinces, where the bibinka explode with the flavors of freshly ground rice flour, newly churned butter, salted duck eggs, grated coconut, carabao's cheese, and toasted banana leaves. I passed by Bibingkinitan a few times already, and with curiosity I tried their version of the local treat. It was not as good as the real ones, but much better than their competitors. All of their bibingka are sold at Php 20 each.

And they also offer chocolate and strawberry-covered bibingka, which would surely win over the hearts of those picky eaters at home. When I brought two boxes of traditional and flavored bibingka yesterday, it was devoured within minutes. Alex loved it so much that we'll be buying more of these soon.


  1. Nowhere near the bibingka sold in Ilocos Norte, made from ground cassava.

    Gotta try those flavored ones though. Thnx!

  2. Wow.. yummy!! It only cost 20php each? I must buy those,SOON!:)