Mar 18, 2011

Black Cocoa Biscuits from Cowhead

I remember my days as an primary school student. I was still the youngest then, and I can get away with eating nothing but cereals drenched in cold, fresh milk from the numerous boxes in our cupboard. I was most especially fond of the mini toys I can get for free with every box. And the milk just had to be Cowhead's fresh milk. I don't know why but I never really liked other brands, even if my mom claims that they all taste the same.

What surprised me was that nowadays they have expanded their business. My sister brought home a box of Black Cocoa Biscuits which she bought at Duty Free, so I was a bit disappointed with the long trip just to buy a box of these goodies. It seemed like some ordinary cookie sandwich at first, but it was quite addictive. The filling is really creamy, and it complements the bittersweet cocoa biscuit well. Sort of reminds me of my childhood.


  1. There's a lot of these around here, and the kids love munching on them! Following you via GFC!

  2. Thanks for joining my giveaway!:)

  3. Hi There! Visiting you from comment love weekend! You have a seriously cute blog--just love it!


  4. where can Ibuy this?

  5. Hi sis, your blog is on top of the google list when I searched for Cowhead Black cocoa biscuits :) congrats!

    I made a blog post about a different variant of this, and I followed your blog too :)