Apr 1, 2011

The Famous Pugon-Roasted Asado

Ever since I saw the tarp of Panciteria Lido Cocina Tsina along Alabang Zapote Road saying "Coming Soon!", I was so excited since their other branch is in Binondo. I have always wanted to eat there, but the traffic in Taft Avenue is incredibly tiresome and time-consuming. I made a promise to myself that once the Las Pinas Branch is open, Alex and I will eat there indefinitely. 

A little fact about Panciteria Lido: it was actually an old-style restaurant that a man named Lido brought up. Never backing down from quality, the restaurant serves meals from recipes passed down from decades ago. Even politicians love this place, I heard.

When we got there, the place had the ambiance of a fast-food place, but surprisingly not much people around even at two in the afternoon. Since it's just opened, I'm assuming that not many people know about it yet. In fact, we were the only ones in there, so we're quite enjoying the attention. :) We were greeted with two large menu cards:

We chose Pugon Roasted Asado, of course, for our meat entree.

Pugon-Roasted Asado Php 267

It was really tasty, but not overwhelming like others. It was really good, but I have tasted better roasted asado, which my mom used to bring home back then from her trips to Binondo. Nevertheless, the meat was really tender, and the sauce really brings out the meat flavour, unlike others which overwhelm the dish. 

Garlic Broccoli Php 165

Together with a side of Garlic Broccoli, the meal was balanced and well-received by our hungry bellies. I loved it so much! The garlic was cooked enough to let the broccoli absorb its wonderful flavor, and it wasn't salty at all. Hooray for no MSG. :) The broccoli florets are crisp and cooked just right.

Lido Fried Rice - Php 180

The Lido Fried Rice is quite flavorful, even without any hints of salt. I didn't like how it contests with the flavor of the asado, so next time I'm ordering plain or garlic rice. This one is quite a lot, and I think it must be for around three or four people.

Iced Tea Php 35

Their iced tea was a bit too sweet for my taste, and tastes too much like honey. It could use more tea. The Buchi, on the other hand, was served warm, with its nice chewy filling and crisp coating of sesame seeds. No air bubbles seen inside! :)

Buchi 3pcs Php 50

In the end, we ended up too full. The servings of the food we ordered were for a lot of people already, trust me. They are big platters of food, which you may not have noticed from the photos. We're definitely going here again. Ooh..here's our pic. I'm not sure how Alex will react to his photo being published here, and it's only now that I got to do this. :)


  1. good spread of foods, love to taste that pugon roasted asado---sounds interesting for me! thanks for sharing! btw, don't worry about Alex, hehehe, you both look great together, I hope he will appreciate that you posted it here! PinayMum - Mommy's Life Around...wishing you a great Friday!

  2. the asado looks delicious! looks like they serve good Chinese food.

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  3. wow, that looks very yummy! yung fried rice sarap din ...

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  5. Looks so sumptuous!

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  6. love the place too... food looks yummy.

  7. I love the Pork Asado and the place look so neat.I hope they keep it that way.

  8. chinese food always makes me hungry! i want to try them all! especially the asado and brocolli.

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