Mar 27, 2011

Korean Rice Pops, Anyone?

You know all these products and gimmicks coming up when Filipinos have been addicted to Koreanovelas and Korean music? I have been seeing a lot of bright colors and new cuisines around the metro. I thought it stopped a few months ago, but apparently, it never did.

We passed by Magic Pop in Southmall on our way to the supermarket. I was quite amused by the flying rice crisps being thrown in a glass corner by a large machine. I bought a bag of plain ones, thinking that I need something light, but there are more flavors in the deli pop section such as cheese and chocolate, among others. The ingredients are listed as brown rice, wheat flour, corn, salt, soybean oil, and sweetener. The taste is somewhat sweet-salty.

My sister didn't like the plain ones, but she did say that she buys the cheese deli pops and that they are delicious. Watch out for carbs! The summer season is almost here, and these babies are quite addictive.

Plain Magic Pops - Php 35 per bag

The plain ones are perfect for any dip, be it sweet or savory. It's a light snack that can keep you going!


  1. wow its my first time to see this kind of food and it seems interesting :D

  2. first time to heard it, but its sounds so delicious! wishing you a great Friday! :)