Apr 26, 2011

Brooklyn Pizza in Midtown

Before graduation, we were in Robinsons Ermita. I totally forgot about this, so it's a backpost. After spending around two hours playing games and singing our lungs off over at Timezone and Tom's World in Midtown, we found ourselves hungry and scouring for food. But Almon Marina is full, and I can't even get close to my favorite Norwegian salmon, so we decided to just have a late afternoon snack at the first restaurant that isn't packed full. We passed by Brooklyn Pizza, and seeing that they have not a single customer, we went in and took a seat.

Really, for a place with no current customers and six waiters and waitresses lounging around, it surely took them long enough to hand us the menu. We got a plate of Oil Based Pesto with Chicken Parmigiana, and a slice each of Pepperoni and Deluxe Pizzas, which are the only two available flavors at the moment. It was really disappointing, considering that it is a pizzeria, but what the heck.

So the Pesto on the top photo was nothing but bland, and dry. Oily enough in some parts but Alex and I both agreed on it being too dry to finish up, and we both are addicted to pesto! What I like about it at first sight was that it was a serving for two people already, and they didn't skimp on the breaded chicken, which was also so bland and tough, that I didn't touch it again.

It's a good thing their pizza tastes good. I really liked the Deluxe Pizza, which is full of flavor atop its chewy crust. I'm not a fan of pepperoni but it's not bad either. Let's just say that we won't be going back there again. It would have made a difference if the staff was a bit friendly, but we never saw a smile, not even a fake one. But we managed to just shake it off and smile for a quick shot.

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