Apr 21, 2011

The Free San Marino Healthy Recipe Book

I took the photo above while browsing the online recipe book of San Marino as a promotional tactic for their outstanding product, San Marino Corned Tuna. No, I am not a fan of the product. In fact, while my sister can eat San Marino all day long, I actually prefer Century Tuna over them. But I tasted their tuna paella and oh, I am almost tempted to do the switch!

Anyway, I really, really love this recipe collection. Although my sister and I have been cooking the meals in the recipe book long before San Marino skyrocketed to fame, some of the recipes I have yet to try. And just in time for Lent! Why don't you scoot over to the recipe book over here, and give the healthy dishes a try. I would, as soon as I buy tuna from the market. I prefer chunks anyway. Happy Lenten Season everyone!

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