Apr 27, 2011

Kiddie Mini Pizza Squares

It's one of those days when my brothers kept dropping hints that they want an afternoon snack that's different from the usual sandwich or chips. Throughout the afternoon they have been consistently opening the fridge, browsing the pantry, and yet they look so defeated despite the many options available to them. So I made some kiddie pizza squares the way my sis and I used to toast inside the oven toaster. We literally just put everything we thought was fit to go with tomato sauce and cheese, and then fired up the small toaster, waiting for the cheese to melt.

But that was a long time ago, then came the bigger oven. It was just sad that we don't have any real cheese, so I had to settle for Eden cheese, which, by the way, does not melt in the oven. Nope, not one bit. It just stays the same throughout the baking process no matter how long you leave it there. Trust me, I tried it before and I got really upset. 

Technically, all you have to do here is to actually flatten bread slices, top with tomato sauce, cheese, and every topping you want. Sprinkle with salt, pepper, and pizza herbs, then pop it in the oven and wait for the bread to brown and crisp a bit. Yum!


  1. i should try this easy snack. i feel your brothers when they are looking for a new snack. i also check the contents of our fridge many times even if i see the same things all the time.


  2. I used to make one also for my honey and lil girl :) Good thing melting cheese is available even in some convenience store..