Apr 21, 2011

A Simple Graduation Dinner

Alex and I both had our hair cut really short because of our school policy for our graduation. We don't want to have our hair cut on the spot by our clinical instructors now, do we? :) I am so happy I can't help but share this with you guys right now. We finally made it past college, and we are gearing up to face the real world! I hope you guys can welcome us there! :)

Anyway, we had a simple dinner because my head was throbbing like crazy after the long graduation. My cap was so tight that I thought it was trying to squeeze my brains out, and the commencement exercises was soooo darn long. My sister chose Hap Chan because it's the only place then that wasn't packed full of people celebrating our graduation day. Since we were all tired, my sis just ordered two of each dish I will mention below.

I'm so glad we were served their complimentary tea to calm myself down and lessen the headache. Even without honey, their tea was good, just like how mom makes it at home.

I didn't catch the name of this noodle but it was really so good, that I was craving for it on our way home. It has a thick soup, quail eggs, meat and vegetables. I think it's the best we ate altogether. It's what I can really call comfort food. :)

These are Fried Squid with Salt and Pepper. It's light, it's crunchy, and it is perfectly cooked. I don't actually eat fried squid unless it's cooked right: crisp breading, soft and NOT chewy and definitely NOT rubbery squid, which is best cooked under a minute.

This Fried Chicken with Lemon Sauce surprised me the most. My youngest brother was a really, really picky eater, but he finished almost the whole plate even before the second plate arrived. Never thought he likes anything other than the usual fried chicken, so I went on and gave it a try. It was yummy, but I tasted better lemon chicken dishes before. I forgot to take a photo of the Yang Chow Fried Rice, but we always have that in every Asian restaurant we go to anyway.

Overall, I guess I can't really judge Hap Chan considering how altered a person's mental status is when he has a severe, throbbing headache. But it was all good, and I might just ask Alex to eat here sometime. I'm just so glad I'm through with college now! :)

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  1. Hap Chan, I miss this place. Its one place we used to go for some good old comfort food when hubby and I were still living in Manila. Food looks really good, too bad you had a headache. Balik na lang kayo ulit?!

    thnks for the visit :)

  2. i can't remember the name of the soup, but it is good...i miss it so much! now i am craving for it :-/

  3. Wow, congratulation, my new friend.. :) Yeah, welcome to the 'world'...

    I know what you meant about the squid.. Yeah, it is hard to get them into the right 'texture'...

    Thanks for sharing.. Say, I am following your blog.. Yeah, your intro just made me feel like we have a few things in common... :)

    I know you have been to my simple Tingtasy and well, if you are interested, perhaps, you can return the follow there? Yeah, as a token for my birth month perhaps.. :) *HUG*

  4. owww.. congrats! indeed an awesome treat after years of hard work.. was here for FTF..hope you'll see me back.

  5. Congrats! You truly deserve it for all your hard work. I want to go to Hap Chan no! hehe
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  6. my gosh...so yummy! congratulations....:)

  7. Looks sumptuous!

    Come and have some Mexican food at Spice Up Your Life blog, happy Easter!

  8. We haven't dined at Hap Chan, but that Chicken with Lemon Sauce must be really good for your brother to finish all of it! Thanks for the visit! I hope we can also exchange links. Thanks!

  9. Thank you for linking me up. Added your blog as well.

  10. COngratulations my dear :) Goodluck to your future endeavors..

    Your food photos look so tempting :) im drooling for chinese food here

  11. congrats! i am craving for Hap Chan now.

  12. Congratulations! Welcome to the real world! :)

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  13. congratulations...i haven't been to hap chan in years.

    mine is up and hope you like eel:


  14. congratulations to you and alex. really worth celebrating success like what you had...goodluck and welcome to the real world! i bet you and alex will do great! have a lovely week! -PinayMum - Mommy's Life Around...