Apr 2, 2011

Yummy Food at the Best Food Forward Event!

I couldn't eat dinner anymore from being so full from the tons of food we bought and tasted (free samples!) from the food fair in Bonifacio Global City. Alex has been constantly enticed with almost every product in there, and we ended up buying a lot. My camera ran out of battery even before we were able to take our picture, and I wasn't able to take photos of more than half of the stalls in the NBC tent.

I personally loved the freshly made Ilocos empanada above, which was so filling and is so delectably delicious! It was warm, crunchy, and the egg blended well with the garlicky Ilocos longganisa. It was served with native vinegar from the region, and I happily went around the tent carrying this large empanada from Victoria's Ilocos Empanada.

We also ran into Pink Wasabi's stall, which offers yummy desserts in sushi-like appearance. We got all flavors based on Alex's whims as we first passed the stall. I didn't want to buy a box until before we left so that they would still look great by the time we got home, but we went back anyway to buy two boxes. Each box contains four out of eight flavors.

My favorites would have to be Oolong Berry (the white one) for its creaminess, and Cookie Kiss for its bittersweet taste which reminds me of clack forest cakes. Oh, and the Mint Chocolate Chip and Chocochip Walnut cookies from Cecilia's Cakes and Cookies are definitely so good!

Oh, and you have to buy Simply Pie's Mushroom and Sour Cream Quiches! I love their light savory taste.

Russian Cookie House's treats are so well-loved, we have been loving it since we first saw it in Noel Bazaar two years ago. Yum!

Alex didn't see any stalls selling his favorite Pecan Pie, but he didn't go home disappointed, either. He bought a slice of Dragonfly Desserts' 8-inch Walnut Tart, and it was as great as any Pecan Pie we ate before. Could use a bit of whipped cream, though! :) They also sell Tomato and Kesong Puti Tarts, which I sampled, of course. It was heavenly, but the thick kesong puti made me think about all the calories I have taken in for the day, and I passed.

Serye's Regular Cheesecakes, we found out, weren't so regular after all. One small platter of what was like four inches is enough to make us melt. :) They were also selling brownies and mini  apple and pineapple pies. There was also a large pandan cake which was beautifully dressed up in white icing.

I was attracted to the flavored Fortune Cookies at a corner stall which I can't remember, but their fortune cookies were so sweet and yummy! I loved the strawberry one, Alex likes the chocolate and green tea flavors.

One stall that caught my eye was Onalicious. I thought they were selling the usual native spices in jars, but they were actually selling mixed natural ingredients in jars such as chutneys and tamarind pastes. They also have chicken and pork chorizos without skins. They were really good! I would have bought them both, but the thought of going home using the MRT with so much baggage (we bought a lot!) already didn't seem like a good idea.

I pretty much can't remember the names of the other food we have been munching on as the camera went dead, but I assure you, your tummy would be very pleased with the food in there. Oh, I would love to recommend you to eat at Enzo's Shawarma and Balamban Liempo! But you do have to wait for vacant seats to be able to eat at the Lawn area of the tent. The place is crowded! Too bad my battery went dead, the liempo is gorgeous.

Here are other photos at the food fair:

An entry for Food Trip Friday :)


  1. great display of mouthwatering cakes and pastries...yummy! PinayMum - Mommy's Life Around...wishing you a great weekend!

  2. Yummy food! btw, just want to ask if your 1st anniversary giveaway is still on? :)

  3. wow, that's a lot of food to try! How come I don't know things like this? This is like food heaven, everything looks yummy!

    I am sorry for the super late blog-hopping. If you haven't visited yet, here is my Food Trip Friday entry: Lunch at Chowking