May 4, 2011

Better Than Ice Cream: Fro-yo for more than a decade

Better Than Ice Cream: Fro-yo

I have known frozen yogurt for more than a decade already, way back before those fro-yo shops and gelato stands became popular here in the Philippines. Although I must admit that I was addiced to every single  fro-yo shop that set up in the past few years, I can never forget how, as a 6-year-old child, I came to love and crave for pistachio ice cream.

Better Than Ice Cream: Fro-yo

I remember that it's inside a mini mall here in Las Pinas back then, near an entrance. I don't really remember which mall it is, but I know it in my heart that I have loved BTIC ever since. When I asked my sister about it, she agreed and told me that she was the one who introduced me to BTIC. She said she was in 6th grade then, and I was in Prep school.

When we passed by BTIC in Robinsons Ermita, I begged Alex for a cone of yummy pistachio ice cream. Of course, he can't say no to me, can he? I got my ultimate love: Pistachio! Rich, nutty, and bursting with sweet pistachio goodness! 

 Alex got his favorite Dark Chocolate and Almonds flavor. It was the thickest choco froyo I have ever tasted, and its bittersweet! What can I say? I like them better than the other brands of Fro-yo.

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  1. I think mas firm yang froyo ng btic, kasi parang soft serve lang yung sa iba eeh.