May 30, 2011

Puto Bumbong Brings Back Memories

Puto Bumbong

Just yesterday, as we were about to go to the Sunday Mass after our review class, I grew hungry and saw the fishball stand. While Alex and I were waiting for the fish balls to fry, I spotted a cookware I used to see during the wee hours of the morning, back then when I was a kid, attending Simbang Gabi with my mom and lola. It was so nice to have something like this way before the holiday season, so I asked Alex to buy some for us. Sadly, my cam's battery was drained so I had to wait until we got home to take a photo.

It was then when I still had school, when I whined when they would wake me up three hours before my usual wake up time so we can attend the early mass. They say that when you get to complete them all, you can have your wish come true. I never completed the Simbang Gabi ever, so I don't know how true that was. The best part of the early mass was that right after, we would go to the local pugon bakery and get steaming hot, soft pan de sal, and I can choose from a variety of other goodies to bring to school. Those were the simple days, when I don't have much to think about unlike now.

So how was it? It was absolutely yummy!

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  1. Those were the carefree days, huh? It's really nice to reminisce our childhood once a while. :)
    Thanks for joining, sis!