May 22, 2011

When I'm Not a Chef


You know what's funny? It's simply hilarious to think how much of a socialite Filipinos can be. We have previously dominated Friendster and every single social network out there, and now we have taken over Facebook. I know, it can be pretty addicting, especially when you can get updates from everyone in your huge network of friends.

I am admittedly a huge fan of Facebook. Actually, I use it mostly for my personal life, connecting with my friends from school, and friends that I can't have the privilege of hanging out with anymore. There was once a time that I was so addicted to the games they host. I think it was back then when Pet Society was so famous still, and the other games were catchy. Now I have the impression that they are just making games for profit.

So when I am not in my kitchen surrounded by the wondrous aroma emanating from the oven, I can be seen outdoors, or simply lazing off in my bed with my laptop, clicking away.

But, now that I am over it (well, partly), I use it to promote my blog through the Sassy Chef fan page. Besides, we all have to live our lives more often away from the computer, now don't we? :) Have a nice week everyone!


  1. I miss petsoc! ^_^ The one game that I didn't give up is Restaurant city but I think I haven't played for 2 months now..

  2. Good thing I didn't play petsoc, or I can just imagine my self so addicted with it. lol Dropping by from bc-blogger.
    Here's my entry

  3. Oh gosh, I think I almost have all those games in my other Facebook account, but it's my daughter's. She have this habit of going back and fort with my accounts and hers so just she could have neighbours, make requests etc. LOL I didn't understood it but then again what rocks my daughter's boat.

  4. Hmm,you're right. I better use it constructively like promoting my blogs.