Jun 13, 2011

Finding a Great Blog Host


I was actually thinking it over when I saw the theme for this week's post. I mean, I don't have any professional hosting service that I pay for, and right now I am still hooked to Blogger for free. I have been thinking for quite a while now about upgrading, and while money is not an issue here, I decided to stay for a number of reasons.

But let me tell you about what I think are the benefits of having your own paid host. First, there's bigger (and faster!) chances of getting a higher PR with your own domain, if you're interested in that. Another thing is that search engines seem to love paid domains more and a lot of the ones at the first page of the search results are on their own domains.

But the best part of having a paid domain and host is that your blog exudes a professional and classy vibe that is hard to achieve with a free domain like mine.

So why do I stay?

Simply because I believe that working hard for something to grow. Taking the not-so-easy road is something I thrive for, and it challenges me. It drives me into being a lot more creative than my usual self, although honestly I haven't been too active because I have to prioritize my soon-to-start career.

And the best thing about it is that I can just donate the money to charity instead of paying for a host and domain. :)


  1. Thanks for mentioning the giveaway here!

    I havent made my meme post for this week though, but I think my thinking is the same with you about getting a host service. It really haven't entered my mind to upgrade. I'm happy with a free domain coz in the first place, i am only using my blogging as a past time, as a means to express what's in my mind. As you can see on my site, there's not much advertisements going on. Just simple postings, that's all. To each is his own, I suppose.
    Thanks for joining the contest! Good luck!

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