Jul 21, 2011

Influential Bloggers Who?

Yup, I'm sure you have seen this before. Last year I was ogling at the nominees, thinking how it was so cool it must be to be there. I thought that they must be really dedicated to blogging, as opposed to my laziness before that has led to months of inactivity before taking things seriously now.

I meant to join last year - no, not as a nominee - but as someone who gives her list of the best influential bloggers to the panel as an entry. But then, even though I have so many blogs out there that I follow (most of the time, anonymously), they are all not qualified because of the age of their blogs. Emphasis on the "emerging" part of the contest, they have a time frame in which the blog you're rooting for must have started in.

I literally scoured my list that time, including the many fashion, technology, and celebrity blogs out there among the food blogs that I love, yet they all are too old to qualify. So here I am now, back with a vengeance with my top 10 picks of the year, all of which (Thank God!) qualify for this year's project.

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Without further ado, here are my top picks:

1.Certified Foodies - Who wouldn't love their passion for finding the best eats in the metro? Here you can feast your eyes upon tons of food photos, laugh at some of the stories behind their dining experiences and be fascinated with the offers these guys can give you.

2. Jenni Epperson - Oh this one's a definite keeper in my reading list! Whether it's fashion, celebrities, special events, technology, or food that it is you're into, you can just keep on reading the stories behind every post, every photo, and every event that Jenni has gone through. She's in a tight situation right now, but I hope for all the best.

3. Girl-Kuripot - If there's anyone who doesn't love all things free, then I say he's a cynical man! Kidding aside, I first chanced upon GK from Boy-Kuripot, whom I have been following ever since. The names amuse me, and while at first I thought they have the same theme, oh, GK seems to have the really cool travel offers, giveaways, and tips for you. The fact that she has been traveling all over is something to be amazed with. If you are in the look-out for opportunities to travel the world, then GK is your girl!

4. Fashion Pulis - Laugh your heart out at the stories, rack your brains while trying to figure out the blind item, and be amused with all the insider celebrity stories you have yet to hear in TV or from the media. It's seriously a fun way to have your break, and you can get all the gossip you want without feeling like you're reading the tabloid. :)

5. Aryanna Epperson - A fun and quirky girl that takes after her mother, she takes blogging on a new perspective. So far I have seen photoblogs and cartoon-based blogs before hers, but only she has caught my attention! Her blog is simple, fun to read, and she connects well with her readers!

6. Blogger Manila - It's practically a blog dedicated for bloggers, the social media, and everything that's happening around the city. With loads of opinion and a tad of personality, you can really get many things out of this blog.

7. Kiss And Makeup - It's fascinating to see how much a person grows while blogging. This lady proves that everyone can write, and as much as she was uncertain at the start of her blogging journey, you should see how she makes her posts. She definitely has taken beauty and fashion blogging to a new level.

8. The Journalistic View - It's a mix of everything, from cover stories to reviews, and a lot more in between! Everything is said in the perspective of a journalist, and if you read some of her posts, it's like reading a short column from the newspaper.

9. Unbox - If you're excited about all the new releases in the world of technology, then you would enjoy Unbox.ph's way of giving you the specs, all by making it a bit more interesting than just listing them down on their own.

10. Tiffiefum Invasian - It's quite a new beauty blog, but her way of doing reviews on beauty products landed her with some of the best make-up companies here. She makes everything clear, and direct to the point, just as any reviewer should.

That's it! My top 10 picks for emerging influential bloggers, that in my opinion, would definitely take the world on an impact someday. :)


  1. Oh my.. I'm seriously so flattered…
    Thank you very much for considering my blog…
    it means so much to me..
    once again, thank you hun. =*

  2. Wooow! like Diane I'm also super flattered. Thank you for nominating my blog. It's an honor! <3

  3. Awww... It's an honor to be on your list, sis Pearl! Thank you SO MUCH for voting for our food blog! My bro would be so excited 'cause he loves your blog, too. :)

    BTW, you don't offer feed updates through email?

  4. Wow! Thanks for including Aryanna and I on your list! Will blog this soon!

  5. Wow, this is so sweet dear Pearl! Thanks for including my site.

    By the way, I have been visiting your blog din before and I love it. Followed you.

  6. Hi Pearl. I just included your entry in the raffle masterlist. Hope to see you on September 13. Thank you.