Jul 9, 2011

Kumato: The Golden Brown Tomato

I have heard about these nice tomatoes before, about three years back, but it was so long since I saw an advertisement for this one again. What strikes me is its rather unusual golden brown color. Back then, I remember advertisements mentioning how much sweeter and juicier they are from the usual plump, sweet red tomatoes available locally in the US and nearby countries.

The local tomatoes here are quite a lot smaller and less plump than the ones seen in tomato sauce ads, but a trip to Ilocos last year and my dad took us down memory lane to his childhood years where he and his friends spent some summer days helping pick out those sweet red tomatoes that he says are as big as the large fuji apples. But they are hardly sold in the market here, and I saw a Dizon Farm pack of 2 tomatoes selling at Php 75. Quite steep, as compared to the small, sour native tomatoes sold locally.

It now makes me wonder why the kumato has not reached our shores yet, and how true are their ads promising juicier, even meat-like tomatoes. Further research on this variety and I learned that they achieve that color pretty much how the green maple leaves turn red: altered climate conditions where cooler air forces an increased storage of fructose in the fruits. They might be as sweet as they promise!

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