Jul 11, 2011

Lechon, Grilled Chicken, and Roast Beef Sushi

While leaving the hypermarket after buying groceries, I was browsing their freshly baked bread section when I found the most interesting things. Small sushi rolls, about four inches in length, with fillings of lechon, grilled chicken, and roast beef. I thought they looked pretty tasty, and even as I try so hard to never be fooled by their bread and pastry's lovely looks, I took home a roll of each flavor of sushi.

Their pastries and breads look as delicious and lovely as the ones you can find in Bread Talk, but are a tad less tasty. All you can taste is flour and sugar, or the occasional scant filling they managed to put in there. I once bought their Triple Chocolate Muffins, which looked so darn good, but I never even tasted a hint of nice chocolate in there that would satisfy even the smallest craving. My thoughts: never again!

So I brought these home, and sliced them off with a knife, and put them on the table. I must say, the rice was extremely mushy, the cucumbers were soggy, and they seemed to have used Miracle Whip in them. I have nothing against that brand of sandwhich spread, but that isn't japanese mayo. Please. The grilled chicken tastes like tough rubber, the roast beef is so bland that all I could taste was mayo, but I have to say, I did love the lechon. It may be that the lechon tastes so good with anything, but at least I wouldn't say I wasted all that money for that crap.

So if you happen to drop by, don't be fooled by their products' looks. I think the only tasty things in there are their roast lemongrass chicken and the ever so small rack of ribs they sell for a price.


  1. Hmm. That's a pity. The rolls look so nice. Quite honestly though, I wouldn't eat sushi that's doesn't have fish in it. I think the seaweed wrap and rice taste better with fish

  2. They looked nice on the pics though. I would be tempted either. Thanks for the warning!

  3. gosh grabe XD
    i also have a food category on my blog ;)
    i dont cook though :"> i eat lol XD