Jul 8, 2011

McDonald's Quirky Coke Glasses

I hardly go to McDonald's for a meal, except when I have little time left to eat, or when it's the only nearest place to eat in bad weather. We used to go there frequently back then, way before I started cooking. But at some point I wondered how I managed to eat those greasy, processed meats and salty meals without knowing how exactly they are prepared or what's in them. As a kid my parents used to bring me and my sister here to collect every single Happy Meals toy ever produced, but we gave them all away eventually.

Though, it wouldn't be that bad to drop by and get a quick cheeseburger for a snack, I thought, and with bad weather brewing above us yesterday, Alex and I were trapped by the spraying winds so we decided to warm up inside McDonald's ever so crowded place. We got cheeseburgers, fries and coke floats -- things that drove me to exercising even more last night and when I woke up this morning. You just have to counter all that. :)

Anyway, at the counter I saw some of the Coke glasses shaped like their canned sodas, and thought that they look pretty cool, and we were offered to have one for Php 25 with the meal. I graciously declined, coke glasses only take up space in our cupboards. Back at our table, I saw the miniscule cheeseburger sandwiches and thin patties. These fastfood chains really focus on profit, not quality! And that is exactly why I prefer eating out at food chains giving out servings that are well worth the money and the less fat and calories.


  1. i had 2 of these already :))))

  2. @Sir Nelson, I like the charcoal color, but my dad doesn't want them on our tables, sadly..