Aug 13, 2011

Lunch in Crisostomo, Nuvali

One of my previous posts was about a nice Gardenia Plant Tour with a group of happy bloggers. After the tour and the open forum with Gardenia's president Simplicio Umali Jr., Mr. Nestor Constancia and the staff, we headed on to Nuvali for a late lunch, as if the bread buffet wasn't filling enough. :) 

Crisostomo gave me the impression of a restaurant serving upscale versions of classic and well-loved Filipino food. It has a rustic and homey feel to it, and unusually peaceful. It's something you would look for when trying to escape the bustling city life of Metro Manila. I was warned, though, that we were just lucky. In the evenings and on weekends, Nuvali is packed with a lot of people.

For our appetizer, there was wonton soup and sinigang na sugpo. What I love about their wonton soup is that it wasn't salty. There's also crispy pata and the chicharon bulaklak below, which is so surprisingly not greasy. Of course, you can't take all the fat away, but compared to those sold in stalls by the mall, you'd probably consider it oil-free. Just crisp and light.

Crisostomo's Tiagos Triumph, oysters topped with creamy spinach and bacon bits, is probably my favorite among the dishes served. The creamy spinach and bacon blended well with the slightly metallic taste of the oyster.

Then there's the whole fried chicken dish named San Gabriel, which reminds me of Max's chicken. Crispy, savory skin and juicy, flavorful meat. Need I say more?

Their San Lucas, is basically marinated tuna cheeks (they call it panga or jaw, but I beg to differ) that are grilled to perfection. It's good, but I've had a lot of tuna in my life and there's nothing too unique about this one.

If you're looking for delicious laing dishes but you're not fond of the spicy taste, then you might as well have their Sinang con Laing. It's gabi leaves stewed in coconut milk. I would have loved it completely if it were a bit spicier, but despite lacking the spicy part of being a laing dish, it is actually yummy. 

When I saw their Crazy Sisa Squid, I thought that this is something new to me, in the sense that I always had green mango salad, but this time with crispy strips of fried catfish.

For dessert, we were served colorful flavored silvannas, churros on sticks with fondue, suman on sticks, and sesame banana spring rolls. I think the spring rolls need more sugar. :)

I had the pandan-flavored one, which is really yummy, and a nice deviation from the usual chocolate or vanilla flavor.


We had fun, and everything was yummy that our tummies were screaming already. :)


  1. That sounds like so much fun...all the dishes look amazing.

  2. Look at the bright colors! Beautiful pics! :)

  3. oh wow! I always wanted to visit Nuvali with my kids, I read in different blogs about the place, esp yung me coi fishes.. I just don't know the exact place. anyways, yummy food here! my eyes are drooling...

  4. Wow! All this food looks amazing. I'm totally envious of your getting to partake in such scrumptious looking crispy pata! I haven't had that in YEARS! My mouth basically slopped saliva when I laid eyes on that picture! And those little cakes in the last picture look super cute! what are they?
    ♥ laura

    the blog of worldly delights

  5. i beg to post longer comment...i need not say more:) THUMBS UP!


  6. First time I've seen different colored slyvannias. Looks yummy. =)

  7. Newest Google Follower from Alexa Hop, Happy Monday! Great shots! I love Oysters, so those would have probably been my favorite!

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  8. Amazing shots! Following from the Alexa hop:)

  9. WOOWWW! anubey ang sarap naman!
    sylvannas yum yum!
    love all the shots hun!

  10. that looks so hubby would love a meal like that !!

    Hello, stopping by from the Monday Alexa Hop!
    newest follower on gfc too!

  11. that looked yummy! especially the soup and gabi leaves in coconut milk!
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  12. Yummy feast! Nuvali is loaded every weekends...kaya i prefer going there during weekdays (which is a rarity since mostly everyone here at home are only 'free' during weekends, lol). :)

    was here for the Weekday Potluck, but it's not up yet, so will be back later. :)

    Happy Tuesday!

  13. Pearl, what a fun experience for you. Thank you for sharing all those wonderful photos. Very good quality.

    I am visiting today from the Alexa hop. It is nice to "meet" you. I love your blog design and professional photos. The site looks great!

    Stop by and say hi at my blog, Long Wait For Isabella, anytime. Have a great week!

  14. Wow, that food looks delicious. Thanks for posting these pictures. They were fun to look at. I’m stopping by from Helicopter Mom’s Alexa hop. I’m just getting started in the blog world. I'm a new follower, too.

  15. That was an awesome food adventure! Everything looks delicious! Delight My Appetite is returning your FTF visit! Thanks!