Aug 1, 2011

Gardenia Bread Plant Tour

Bread has always been present in our tables every morning, and so far, I haven't seen a day without any form of bread be it the usual sliced bread my lola fondly calls tastee, the warm pan de sal, or any other fun-filled bread products my dad buys for my brothers who are still in school. But what can you do with the commercial pre-sliced loaves of bread other than the usual sandwich? A quick tour of the Gardenia Plant in Laguna opened my eyes to new possibilities.

Last Friday was a fun-filled bloggers' tour of the Gardenia Plant, where I realized that I should have brought a better camera than my handy point-and-shoot, and I found out that I can really be shy in the presence of great people. Haha! So yeah, with no decent photos of the tour, I think I'm better off describing it anyway. 

At the entrance, the aroma of freshly baked bread is already wafting from the plant. The smell is rich, warm and inviting, which was probably why everyone is so eager to get inside the plant. I myself couldn't resist it. Surprisingly, the 6K Plant that yields 6 thousand loaves per hour (hence the name) doesn't look too complicated. Everything is handled by machine, which makes sanitation a lot less worrisome. But to those who aren't impressed by that, you can rest assured that there are employees on the grounds constantly checking the quality of each batch of freshly churned out bread.

While everything's a sight to behold, with the twin towers of revolving cylinders that cool the bread off before packaging, nothing beats sitting down and pinching off the hot loaves of uncut bread fresh from the plant and straight to our tables. If there's anything better than the loaves of Gardenia bread available from the market, it's this one! Warm, with a nice crunch on the outside and a soft and moist center, I think I speak in behalf of everyone there that it really is that good.

So what more can you do with bread when you're getting tired of the usual sandwich? What caught my attention were the chocolate rhum balls, the tuna maki rolls and the yummy quesadillas that were served. The chef did a good job in showing us how to make them, so I'll give you a rundown of recipes in the next post. Meanwhile, here are some of the featured products:

Choco Rhum Balls


Ham and Jam Sandwich

 Tuna Maki Rolls

Spanish Milkfish Sandwich

So with everything made by machine, operating 24 hours a day for 6 days in a week, how can environmentalists like the way they make the bread? The company says that for them to assure product quality, they pretty much can't do anything about it, nor about the plastic packaging. Apparently, packing the bread in any other medium such as paper would result in contamination, decreased shelf life or stale bread. So they make up for this shortcoming by advocating the use of reusable bags for purchasing, as well as selling the old, unsold bread to some companies to turn into fish meal.

Gardenia collects the unsold loaves of bread every delivery day and replaces them with fresh batches to ensure freshness for the consumers, and at the same time provides a sustainable feed source for the fish merchants from the supposed to be organic waste of the company.

With their product quality encircling their soft and tasty bread, what's not to love? :)


  1. That's why I love Gardenia-- breads are always fresh and tasty!
    OOHH those tuna maki rolls and Spanish Milkfish Sandwich makes me hungry and salivate! eew me.. but true. hehe

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  6. What an amazing set of ideas for bread....I wish I had a place like this close to where I stay...

  7. Turning bread into pitas and sushi rolls is sooo clever! nice! Definitely following ^_^ because I want to see more of these.

  8. i'm interested to that maki rolls...gardenia should pay's the only "tasty" that's been serving our mornings, kids baon pack, and snack times in the house^_^.

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