Nov 2, 2011

Eating Healthy For You and The Environment

Environmental awareness is slowly gaining ground around the world nowadays, with the tons of natural disasters and doomsday predictions coming out. But why did it took so long for people to wake up to this reality when early in school we were already taught to love and care for the environment? Is it too late, you say? I don't think so, and neither do the people behind Ethical Ocean. I came across their web site a few days ago while browsing for environmentally friendly products I could buy for our home. While I did find what I was looking for, Ethical Ocean opened my eyes to a lot more.

They provide users with stories, opinions, and articles that are made to help people realize that our lifestyle isn't exactly as good as they seem, even though it looks like it's not harmful to the environment. Ethical Ocean also stands up against poverty, and supports livelihood projects for those people who struggle to make ends meet. From food to electronics and fashion items that are as good as your designer bags and clothing, you are sure to find something that will make you shop sans the guilt. I sure wished they have a local store near our place, but let me show you some personal picks from their food shop that I am going to send over to my sister in Canada instead.

These are organic chocolate truffles, practically catered to the vegan community, but guaranteed to be just as delicious and even healthy. Everyone needs chocolates sometimes! :) And below, some yummy organic gummy bears to satisfy her gummy cravings! Seriously, I never thought I would come across organic gummy bears, but here they are. :)

But what's even better is that I found these roast garlic and onion-infused olive oil. Perfect for whipping up quick gourmet meals at home. 

They have tons of other cool products as well, such as completely biodegradable and chemical-free disposable palm leaf plates. These ones are made from palm leaves, and they are just right for picnics, and they are even microwave safe!

So the next time you decide to buy something for your home, consider the environmental impact of your purchase. Better yet, go to Ethical Ocean instead for environmentally friendly products for the kitchen! Just a note, this post is of my own opinion. Just a quick reminder for everyone to help save the earth. :)


  1. oh, cool food products here. i want to check that organic chef:)

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