Jan 6, 2012

Kid At Heart With Iced Gems Biscuits

Iced Gems Biscuits

I remember munching on those pretty colorful little round biscuits topped with a mound of icing. My mom used to buy those for us when we were still kids, and my sister and I can devour a huge bag in seconds. A few days ago while passing by outside Robinsons Ermita, we chanced upon a vendor selling these treats. While I practically would not buy from street vendors selling huge bags of biscuits and cookies without so much as a label and an expiration date, my impulsiveness got the best of me and seconds later I was happily holding on to a treat that my dog and I would love. For Php 80, the bag I got filled a large empty tub of Chef Tony's popcorn. But before I even got my camera rolling, I broke my diet and munched on a lot of them.

Iced Gems Biscuits

They were as good as I remember, though the icing seemed to have gotten smaller than before. I blame inflation and the slow progress of economy for that, but then again, I felt just like a kid while eating these. Now I just wonder why I can't find these Iced Gems on the supermarket! Look who got grumpy when I stopped giving her treats:

Iced Gems Biscuits

Well we had to stop sometime, and I was telling her that I really need to go back to blogging! It's been over a month and I finally had the will to go and write again. :)


  1. remember eating these also a long time ago... i dont remember seeing it for the past few years! wonder if it is available here in cagayan de oro!

  2. oh em gee. Those are the bestest snacks ever! I would just sit down and devour huge bags of them!

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  3. nung maliit pa ako fave ko na snack yang gem biscuits


  4. yay! so colorful treats and they look very delish too. Visiting from Food Trip Friday, hope that you can return the visit too.


  5. You have a really cute blog! Doin' the Alexa Hop! I have a Rafflecopter GW for an Apple IPad2 or Fire on GivingNSharing & I shared a recipe for Runza's if you're hungry! LOL


    Thanks! Tina

  6. Sarap ng Gems biscuits i-dunk sa milk... :P

  7. Hello,

    I remember this biscuits, we used to buy this in the store. I forgot what is the name.. But this is so tasty for me.

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    Thank you


  8. We have something like this on our menu ,the kids who come in love them,and ther parents keep picking at them.Its always the good old fashioned ones that seem to keep going forever.
    Great yummys .

  9. love these tiny sweets! i have to list it to my note of what to buy when i'm back in philippines!


  10. I remember eating these when I was a kid! Now, I can't find them in any Asian stores in the US. After 8 years of not eating them (since we couldn't find any), I finally ate some when I traveled to China the past summer.