Oct 4, 2012

Elegant Wine Gift Baskets for Loved Ones Overseas

Elegant Wine Gift Baskets

Many of us Filipinos have friends and relatives overseas. Whether they are working there or migrated for good, they have always been sending us treats and pasalubong from their countries. Just recently we received another Balikbayan Box containing a lot of imported goodies, and I realized that most of the time we just send them our thank yous through email, and video chat programs. Let's face it, shipping a box to another country is very much of a hassle here in our country, not to mention a lot of unnecessary fees to be paid. When I stumbled upon Wine.com from an advertisement I saw, I thought I found a solution to my problem.

Since my relatives love social gatherings and sipping wine along with sharing stories, I chose to go over the Wine Baskets selection of the website. While everything looks great, I chose the California Wine Tour Wine Gift Basket (pictured above) and the Tuscan Trattoria Italian Wine Gift Basket below. The first one has nuts, olives, chocolates and meat to perfectly match the wine, while the second gift basket has all the ingredients needed to make one classy and romantic Italian dinner.

Elegant Wine Gift Baskets

Who doesn't love premium wine, classic Italian pasta, and chocolates for a gift? My cousins received the gift baskets within a week's time from my ordering and they loved the surprise on their doorstep. They particularly raved about the DeLoach Heritage Reserve Chardonnay from the first gift basket. At under $200, these two elegant wine gift baskets were worth sending them.

To be able to purchase from them, you have to create an account with them first, and be able to pay through credit card. I used the Facebook sign up button to make things easier. My experience with wine.com will certainly not stop here.

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