Sep 19, 2013

How Green is Your Cup of Coffee?

People nowadays are constantly trying to battle it out with time itself, and with so much ambition and so little time as they say, what would better fuel such determined souls than a steaming cup of coffee?

Make that a cup of organic coffee backed by 212 years of expertise in coffee production as well as a drive to increase environmental awareness and help provide work for small communities to thrive, and I'm sure you'd be even more enthusiastic to sip your sleepiness away. What caught my attention is how Puro Fairtrade Coffee has assisted small farmers in sharing the fruits of their lifelong passion, their trade secrets passed down through generations after generations.

As I opened the bag of Puro Organic ground coffee, the aroma was so strong and distinct that my brother eagerly asked if he could have a cup as well, whilst saying how fragrant the coffee was that it filled the room (no kidding). It is a lot milder than the instant ones we usually have, and black coffee lovers may need serious adjustment. I absolutely love how it deviates from the very bitter and strong coffee I used to have, with hints of citrus and a fruity note that blends well with the mild bitterness it provides. From their blends, this one's my favorite.

For those who likes a bit more kick to their cuppa joe but is not a fan of full dark roast, the Puro Noble blend may be perfect for you. Just the right amount of body to fully wake your senses but still with a bit of floral notes enough to soothe your nerves.

Puro Fuerte, on the other hand, is perfect for those who are constantly looking for an intense caffeine kick and needs to be fully energized quickly. It is robust in flavor, with hints of nutty spice and a hearty, full-bodied roast to get you up and running. 

The Puro brand under the Miko company assures that their coffee beans are picked, washed, and sun-dried by hand, and that further roasting and packing is done using 100% solar energy. No artificial fertilizers and chemicals were used, and they support their environmental claims fully. They have a rainforest reserve wherein critically endangered plant and animal species thrive, and the company also wishes to communicate the threat to rainforest and the need to preserve it through a wonderfully sweet short film here.

To learn more about the company and how they aim to make an impact to preserving our environment, you may visit the Puro Coffee Website.

Should you wish to connect with other environmentally friendly coffee lovers out there and get a chance to receive a pack of their goodies like the one pictured above, join their Facebook page here.

So how green is your cup of coffee today?

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  1. It is because it is manufactured with very little processing this is only done to maintain the level of chlorogenic acid and antioxidants.

    Finn Felton

    Kopi Luwak