Nov 26, 2013

Juice Up Your Life With Zest-O Slice

Since childhood, I've always been familiar with the triangular, shiny packs of fruit juice that we would sip during recess. Zest-O has been around for years, and is a well established household name to date. But with all the new and trendy drinks promising healthier alternatives to the sodas and flavored water, the company has come up with their newest products, Zest-O Slice.

With four flavors to give you a refreshing drink, Zest-O Slice kept its two best-selling flavors, Dalandan and Orange, and mixed it up with another two mix of Mango Burst and Grapple. Grapple is a mix of grape and apple flavors, which is delightful and has a crisp taste. Mango Burst is my choice, as the mango and strawberry flavor blends well and is absolutely perfect when ice cold. As an added bonus, the 355-mL bottle is packed with vitamins A, C, E, and zincto help boost your immune system.

What's even better is that drinking Zest-O juice drinks won't make you feel so much of a little kiddie anymore, as the new, reinvented Zest-O Slice has a new look that keeps up with your modern lifestyle.

To learn more about Zest-O Slice, You may check out their Facebook page here:

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