Nov 24, 2013

RC Cola's Cool Comeback

There's something about the past that has always appealed to many people, which is probably why throwback photos are dominating social media sites during Thursdays. But aside from those photos, one brand that was distinct during my childhood just came back to the mainstream market. Alongside Pepsi and Coca-Cola, RC lined the shelves of the sari-sari stores in our neighborhood.

While other sodas have their own distinct flavors, RC has its own, in a less fizzy and less sugary way, which is good for those who wish to cut back on their sugar intake but just can't resist an ice cold cola like the one pictured above. Serve it with lots of ice, preferably made with cola as well so as not to dilute the taste. I like how it's not too sweet and doesn't make me feel too fizzed up after, but if you're a fan of the fizz this may come short for you. 

What's even better for all you soda lovers out there is that they made it even more affordable. From what I remember, it's the most affordable soda available back then, without cutting back on taste. I haven't seen it for years, though, and now that they're back, it looks like they are here to stay so might as well get your RC Cola fix soon. :)

A little bit about the company here:

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