May 29, 2014

Getting Essential Nutrients Through Supplements [plug]

A healthy and balanced diet is full of essential nutrients that the body needs in order to sustain itself. Unfortunately, most children and adults do not get enough of important vitamins and minerals from a regular diet. It may be very difficult to integrate certain food into a common western diet that consists of packaged items and prepared products. People also tend to eat a relatively small amount of fruit and vegetables, which are rich in vitamins and minerals as well as other nutrients.

To make up for a lack of nutrients in a common western diet, supplements are available for consumption. Small gel capsules or pills can be easily swallowed with any sip of water or beverage. These supplements are formulated with extracts of more than a dozen essential vitamins and minerals. Additionally, other phytochemicals might also be on the ingredient list of dietary supplements.

A typical dietary supplement capsule usually contains all of the essential vitamins that include A, B, C, D, E and K. However, vitamin C may be available in small concentrations because it is found in most fruit based snacks and juices that are commonly consumed by people of all ages.

By contrast, the fat soluble vitamins do not exist abundantly in common food. People have to follow a special diet in order to get a full serving of vitamin D, E and K. The vitamin B complex is in its own category as it consists of multiple vitamins. There are special names assigned to some of the B vitamins that are essential for the human body. For example, Thiamine refers to vitamin B1 and riboflavin is the name for vitamin B2. Most of the B vitamins are usually added to enriched products such as bread and pastries.

Modern dietary supplements are also loaded with important minerals for the body. For example, magnesium and calcium might be found in large concentrations of all natural supplements that come in gel capsules. Exotic extracts of herbs might also make the list of ingredients of all natural supplements. In ancient oriental medicine, herbal leaves and roots play very important roles. Shopping for vitanica supplements at or other websites is an example of seeking organic dietary supplements in a modern western diet. The dosage of each nutrient is explicitly listed on the label of a bottle. Overdoses of organic supplements rarely result in dangerous consequences compared to drugs.