Apr 16, 2010

Special Spice: Dried Kamias

Me and my family have gone to Gonzaga, Cagayan for our grand family reunion which was held last April 13, 2010, at the splendid Baua Beach Resort. On the way home we took our time to shop at the famed roadside market where you can stop and eat, buy special furniture, and shop for very unique finds that can only be bought there. One of the few things I have bought was the dried kamias, which was so potent that only three very small and thin slices are equivalent to a heaping cup of tamarinds when making sinigang dishes.

There are other ways to cook this, just add a slice to any dish you want to add a tangy sourness to, and viola! No need to use those unhealthy MSG-filled sinigang mix available at supermarkets. I personally don't like using those, since they give dishes the average rating, with an aftertaste of MSG, also locally known as vetsin. I bought these for a very low price of Php 50 per kilo. Trust me, a quarter of a kilo would last you a long time, unless you're cooking very big batches of sinigang.

Sinigang Na Isda on Foodista

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