Aug 1, 2010

Lunch at Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria

joey pepperoni

While Joey Pepperoni may seem like a foreign restaurant to many, it was actually born right here in Metro Manila by a wonderful Milanese chef who has worked here for a long time. It serves Italian dishes New York style.I remember a few years ago I brought home four whole 12-inch pizzas from Joey Pepperoni through their buy one, take one pizza promo right after Alex and I tried out their eat all you can pasta.

I must say that the eat all you can pasta didn't really impress me. The pasta was not warm, the time in between servings were too long, and the meat and sauce on my spaghetti was too few. I overheard the woman on the table next to ours saying that the pasta she ordered tasted just like McDonald's. Even for a small price for an eat-all-you-can at Php 150, it wasn't really worth eating.

joey pepperoni
Just yesterday Alex and I had a late lunch at their branch in SM Center Las Pinas. With a tight budget after paying for all those expenses for our thesis paper, we decided to spend not more than Php 500 for our meal. We ordered their Php 99 deals, which includes Pesto with Bread Stick and Chicken Strips with Rice. We also availed their 2 8-inch pizzas for Php 199.

joey pepperoni

The Php 99 deals were so disappointing. The rice is only half a cup, and the chicken strips are so scant and measures more likely 2 tablespoons (the measuring spoon size). It's on the photo above, and it took me four shots to get the angle in which the servings doesn't look so small. The pesto pasta would only last three to four bites, even for the people who eat with exquisite table manners. If I were you, I would stay away from that promo.

joey pepperoni

It's a good thing we decided to try the pizzas. They were tasty and filling, with just the right amount of toppings, and warm enough that the cheese stretches for what seemed like ten inches before breaking. The pizzas included were Beef with Onions, and Pepperoni Mushroom. They were well worth the Php 199 price.

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  1. How yummy that pizza looks! I will definitely have to try out some of your recipes! Found you on Follow me Friday!