Apr 29, 2011

Sinampalukang Kambing (Goat Meat in Tamarind Soup)

It's my post for Kulinarya Cooking Club's April theme, and it's kind of my first post for the club since I got invited to join the group about two months ago. All I did was read and drool over the other posts while trying to find time to make mine, and finally I did, just in time for this month's theme: Decadence.
I must admit that when I first read it, I thought it had something to do about desserts or sweets because I usually associate the term with cakes and pastries. But further reading down the month's theme post and I found that I can post anything, as long as it is something special. 

My dad hardly buys goat meat because he says it's not widely available yet, and to buy it means to go directly to the makeshift goat farms in the metro and get the meat (or a live animal!) for a higher price compared to other meat, but he does take the chance whenever we pass by the small goat farm near the Las Pinas-Bacoor junction. This time, he bought knuckles and goat pata (hocks), and told us that we would be making sinampalukang kambing. Yippee!

This recipe is exactly how we cooked it, so please don't just copy and paste it in any other blog or website. This version isn't too sour as compared with the usual sinigang, but with just enough tartness to enhance your appetite and make you eat more, so beware to those on a diet! :)

Sinampalukang Kambing Recipe

  • 1 kilo goat knuckles and pata
  • 250 g tamarind fruit
  • 2 medium onions
  • 5 cloves garlic
  • 1 large ginger, about three thumbs in size
  • 1 tbsp salt
  • 2tsp ground black pepper
  1. Cut the onions in half.
  2. Peel the ginger and crush lightly with the blade of a knife. Do the same with the garlic cloves.
  3. Peel the tamarind fruit and lightly pound with a kitchen mallet, to enable the fruit juices to seep into the broth well.
  4. Place the goat meat in a pressure cooker together with the onions, garlic, and ginger, and pour enough water to cover an additional 1 inch above the ingredients.
  5. Cook for thirty minutes to tenderize the meat.
  6. Remove onions and ginger. Transfer to a deep saucepan and add salt and pepper.
  7. Simmer for five more minutes then serve hot.

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    1. wow! I miss sinampalukang kambing...super sarap yan...masarap din magluto nyan ang kumare kung taga Pangasinan.

      Happy FTF.

    2. I haven't tried that yet... We'll sure to try that soon.. :)

    3. whoa sinampalukang kambing?? meron pla nun?? hihhihi d ako kumakain ng kambing ;D

      thnks for the visit! ;D

    4. I've had goat caldereta, and kilawin when I was growing up hanging out with my drinking uncles (not that I'm proud of it). Despite of its gamey after-taste, I love it! I've never had sinampalukang kambing before but will surely try your recipe. It’s nice to see you posting and sharing your recipes. Thank you.


    5. Oh i like this one yummy. Happy FTF! Mine is up.

    6. I know Goat meat have the "Lansa" taste that only "expert",-a person who really knows how to cook it-could get rid of the unwanted taste and smell.

    7. Oh wow! Sinampalukang gambing. I should be trying this, especially now that the goat meat are finally available here. And welcome;)

    8. It looks yummy but i can't dare to eat kambing meat pa talaga. My sisters eat goat meat and said masarap daw talaga but i just can't stand the smell.

      late visit for FTF
      my FTF's here

    9. di ako kumakain ng kambing, but will try this one day for my father.:-) ty for the recipe and the info on how to prepare it.

      btw sis, follow me here if you please:

    10. Hi, I love your blog, very pretty and I agree with you..I attended a short training here in a Culinary School..and you know what I learned in my kitchen.. alone! Kambing here is called mutton and usually it is cooked with curry.I am your newest follower

    11. I've never tried any goat dish before. I wish I could one of these days. Your sinampalukang kambing looks tempting!

    12. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I've never had goat meat, but this sounds good!!

      Denise @ Creative Kitchen

    13. Taga-Pangasinan ang aking lolo and I was going to try to make a kalderetang kambing for this month's theme in honor of his memory. It was too hard to find goat meat though, but if we get it in the future I'll try your recipe too!

    14. i never tried it but you made it sounds so delicious! yum! now, i am so curious to taste it. anyway, have a great weekend! -PinayMum - Mommy's Life Around...

    15. i bet this is good, too...just like the sinampalukang manok :-), yum!

    16. Im sure for some, goat meat is delicious :) Might wanna try this sinampalukang kambing someday.. parang sinigang ba yan?

      Have a nice week ahead

    17. Wow! I'm not a fan of mutton but I enjoyed reading your post.

    18. I haven't heard about this dish until now. Usually, the dish cooked out of goat meat is either Kaldereta or papaitan.

    19. Wow, a good new recipe for mutton meat(kambing) for me. Thank you very much for sharing

    20. thank for the tips ill trying now to cook it .....