Jun 13, 2011

Finding a Great Blog Host


I was actually thinking it over when I saw the theme for this week's post. I mean, I don't have any professional hosting service that I pay for, and right now I am still hooked to Blogger for free. I have been thinking for quite a while now about upgrading, and while money is not an issue here, I decided to stay for a number of reasons.

But let me tell you about what I think are the benefits of having your own paid host. First, there's bigger (and faster!) chances of getting a higher PR with your own domain, if you're interested in that. Another thing is that search engines seem to love paid domains more and a lot of the ones at the first page of the search results are on their own domains.

But the best part of having a paid domain and host is that your blog exudes a professional and classy vibe that is hard to achieve with a free domain like mine.

So why do I stay?

Simply because I believe that working hard for something to grow. Taking the not-so-easy road is something I thrive for, and it challenges me. It drives me into being a lot more creative than my usual self, although honestly I haven't been too active because I have to prioritize my soon-to-start career.

And the best thing about it is that I can just donate the money to charity instead of paying for a host and domain. :)
Jun 2, 2011

Proudly Pinoy: Tapang Kalabaw (Carabao Meat)

When I was still a kid, I wouldn't dare touch the meat if they say it's tapang kalabaw (carabao tapa).  Because I got used to the notion that they are as tough as natural leather, I never dared eat it again until recently, when my dad brought this home from Bulacan. He said that unlike before, the tapa right now is a lot more tender, but still quite chewy. 

Dad told us that this is the best seller of the cantina from which he and his business mates often dine. And it's not a lowly carinderia, he says. Rich people flock there to buy carabao meat  cooked in different ways. It then made me wonder, do they raise carabaos nowadays for their meat? Because from what I remember, they don't really breed the carabaos in my either of our farms in the provinces.

So what can I say about them? They are so yummy and great with runny yolks for breakfast! :) You should give them a try!