Jul 26, 2011

Bizu Macarons: Food Review + 1st Weekday Potluck

For the past few weeks, my sis has been spoiling us with everything sweet and yummy that she could find at S&R, most of which are what you would call incredibly irresistible belly busters. They make you fat, they tempt you even in the wee hours of the night, and I have established a love/hate relationship with them. But there are also times when she brings home a real treat such as this box of macarons from Bizu.

I've eaten many of these before Bizu came to the spotlight. Some are good, a few are incredible, and many are just bad. But these macarons are light and crisp, melts in your mouth, and gives you the sweet fix you need for the day. I forgot the flavors for each color, yes you could forget them while enjoying these over some stories, but I remember grabbing the pistachio macaron first, which made it disappear before the photo was taken. :) 

My favorite would be the rose-flavored (light pink), and the pistachio. Not too sweet, and just light. I hated the vanilla flavor which I found way too sweet for me. The others were just fine, even the pretty white  macaron with pink specks, whose flavor I can't remember. Compared to other macarons, Bizu's were at the top of my list! Yumyum!

Anyway, I was thinking that maybe I could try hosting a linkup here, also known as a food meme to many bloggers. I'm home most of the time, and while I want to take my mind off my professional license, I'm running out of blogs to visit. Yes, you can't have too many loves. :) Aside from the food blogs that I am so lazy to link up at my foodie exchange list, I have a hundred more non-food sites and blogs on my list that seldom update. It would be nice to have new food blogs to explore :)

So if it works, I'll host my Weekday Potluck every Tuesday to Thursday, and as long as the post is about food you could link up here. In every next linkup, I will feature three blogs from the previous linkup. You can use this badge below to spread the word, but any link will do. :)


  1. Hi, Pearl! Reading this post made me drool because it's a part of my Bucket List to eat French-style Macarons. I got to taste this itty bitty size at Mercato Centrale, but it was too small to be considered "wish coming true." I do hope the next time I drop by Mercato Centrale I could buy some (maybe one per flavor) so I could compare. :)

    Will add my link to your potluck tomorrow, thanks for taking part of Weekend Eating.

  2. hi, My Sassy Chef

    ...thanks for the invitation!
    ...tried adding in my link, but it wouldn't go past the first stage (can't seem to go to that part where I can crop my own photo for the link). no idea why, but have been having the same problem with the other sites who uses the same linky, too. :(
    ...my browser is google chrome.
    ...here's my link :
    ...i hope am still eligible to join; i also placed your badge in my post. :)

    many thanks!

  3. Thanks for the invite. I will try to join whenever I can.

  4. @Maiylah, I switched to inlinkz, I find it easier to use too! :)

    @Jenn, thanks! :)

  5. thanks for adding my link! :)
    ...followed you back, too! <3

  6. Hi Pearl,
    Congratulations on your new Blog Party! I am sharing my Skillet Chops with you today and hope you and your readers enjoy them. Thank you so much for inviting me and hosting a lovely party. Hope you have a great week!
    Miz Helen

  7. wow! this is one great blog! i am your new follower! very nice blog!


  8. Thanks for your invitation. I have linked up :) If you like join us on *PicStory* and *Weekendflowers*! LG Tina

  9. Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog and for inviting me to your weekly potluck! New follower! xoxo

  10. Thanks for the invite! I've posted my Carrot Cake recipe, gluten free but you wouldn't know it!

  11. Thanks for the invite. Linking up with Roasted Veggie Salad.

  12. thanks for the invite to link up!


  13. Thank you for visiting Concetta's Cafe today and the invitation to your new party. I'm so excited to participate in your first launch - I posted 3 recipes today! Hope you enjoy them!
    I am now following you too!
    Please visit again soon!

  14. Just hopping by from the Alexa hop to become your 200th gfc follower. I look forward to reading more of your posts. Have a fantastic week! kittycrochettwo.blogspot.com

  15. Ohhhh, the macarons look tempting. But I have to be honest... I've never tasted one yet. Am not sure if they already sell that here in Cebu. Maybe I'll ask one of Manila-based friends to send me some one of these days. Hehe!

    Following your blog. It's nice to connect w/ fellow foodies.

  16. wow...very interesting..lovely cliks..
    will link my entry soon..
    Tasty Appetite

  17. this would be great! I will try to join this one!